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Hi! My name is Bagel and I'm the Chief Barketing Officer at PetMeds® 

I will use this blog to keep you updated on what is happening behind the scenes, what I'm up to and what new exciting products are coming your way.

This morning, a nice man that smelled pleasantly of pastrami and swiss stepped into my office. Nobody told me I was getting an assistant, but I could use the help with the PetMeds® holiday shopping season right around the corner.

Even though he was interrupting my pre-lunch snack, I stood up to greet the hooman and let him shake my paw.

“Hi, I’m Dan, I’m the Chief Marketing Offi-“

“Oh yes, hello, you must be my assistant. Nice to meet you, Dan.”  I said. “Can you please fetch me some more of those pumpkin treats I like? Oh, and grab my water bowl on the way out, would you? The ice cubes have all melted.”

He looked puzzled at first, but I know it’s important to be patient with hoomans. They need lots of positive reinforcement.

After a moment of contemplating on how he lost control of his life, he sighed, reached for my water bowl and went off in search of those treats.

It looks like Dan is learning quickly around here. If he keeps it up, I might put him in charge of taking the garbage out. We should all be so lucky!

That’s all for now, furiends. I’ll be back soon with another pupdate.

Til then!
Wags and kisses,  

Meeting My New Assistant


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Bagel's Favorites

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Hi, I’m Bagel. I’m New Here!

Hi everyone!

Bagel the Corgi here, getting ready to clock out after my first day as Chief BARKeting Officer at PetMeds®.

It’s a historical moment for dogs everywhere. Especially me. I’ve met so many friendly faces and smelled even more deliciously smelly hands. I think I’m going to like it here!

In case you’ve been living under a fire hydrant, I’ve been hired on as CBO after dazzling the HR team with my video application. As PetMeds® 's very first Chief BARKeting Officer, I’m looking forward to bringing my unique, fur-glittered insights to the company. 

Now PetMeds® is a company for pets, by pets. 

Of course, I’ll need plenty of help from my opposable-thumb-having hooman assistants, but I’m about to be the brains of this whole operation.

Fellow dogs (and - sigh - cats), for the next year I’ll be your voice and your advocate. While the hoomans do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, I’ll be making sure everything’s up to snuff. 

Currently, the clever hoomans at PetMeds® have already got a handle on bringing us the tastiest foods and treats, sourcing the coolest and most innovative pet products, and making sure our meds get delivered quickly to help us all stay healthy.

Whether these hoomans need motivation, fresh ideas, or just an extra set of paws, the new Chief BARKeting Officer is officially on doody - I mean DUTY.

For now, I’ll be learning the ropes - not the braided toy kind - and getting steady on my paws. Keep in touch and watch out for my next pupdate. 

Til then!
Wags and kisses,

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The perfect treat to leave out for ‘Santa Paws’, these festively-flavoured cookies bring pet humanization to holiday occasions.


Caledon Farms Holiday Protein Cookie-Turkey & Cranberry

Today was one of my hardest days so far as Chief BARKeting Officer.

With less than a week to go before Thanksgiving, we’ve been down to the wire choosing the flavor of the month for November.

Equipped with a connoisseur’s palate for canine cuisine, I taste-tested the full assortment of treats available at PetMeds, and the deliberation was far from easy.

Each decadent chew, each crispy cookie, and every drool-worthy jerky was more delicious than the last. Now that I’m as stuffed as a Butterball, I’m ready to reveal my winning selection.

This month’s featured flavor is 
Caledon Farms Holiday Protein Cookie in Turkey & Cranberry. The hoomans have it right - nothing beats the savory taste of turkey married with sweet, tart cranberry. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard.

And with the delicious additions of oats and sweet potato, this cookie has a chewy, soft-baked texture that will have your hooman seriously thinking about sneaking a bite.

Furriends, this one’s all for you, and don’t let your hooman even think about passing off a half-piece as a full cookie.

That’s all for now, it’s time for me to walk off all these goodies.

Yappy Thanksgiving from all of us at PetMeds®

Wags and kisses,  

Tastemaking for Treatsgiving




Pearhead Holiday Wreath 
Dog Toy

Pearhead’s new howlidays wreath dog toy is the perfect toy for your furry best friend.

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Hi furriends, it’s Bagel, your hard-working Chief Barketing Officer checking in from the holiday rush in the PetMeds® warehouse.

As I do my final sniffs of paw-proval on outgoing shipments, my nose tells me that you’re remembering to order plenty of tasty treats. Love that for you!

PetMeds pet parents are doing a great job making the holidays special for their four-legged family members, and we gratefully appreciate being a part of your celebration.

And because premium pet health doesn’t take holidays off, we’re still delivering prescriptions, supplements, food, and flea and tick preventatives, helping you get those essentials on time so you can focus on finishing up your last-minute errands.

To my fellow dogs and cats, you’ll be pleased to hear that we don’t enforce a “naughty or nice” list here at PetMeds®.

We don’t know if pets have been good or bad. But we do know one thing for sure: they all deserve the very best.

Pet parents, if you’re still checking off your holiday shopping list, try to forget about all the claw marks, puddles, smudgy windows, and muddy paw prints your pet has bestowed upon you throughout the year.

Instead, remember that holidays are just mandatory merry-making with human family members. For the rest of the year, dogs and cats make life wonderful without even trying, every single day.

So as for whether you can fit another toy in their stocking: Yes, yes you can.

That’s all for now!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from all of us at PetMeds®

Wags and kisses,  


Holiday Wishes: Sniffed, Sealed, Delivered!


Starting Off 2024 On The Right Food

Hi PetMeds® Furriends!

It’s Bagel, your handsome and loyal Chief BARKeting Officer, back again with my first blog pupdate of the year.

This month has us all thinking about New Year’s Resolutions here at PetMeds®. In 2024, we’re focusing on helping you nourish your pets with a wide selection of premium, vet-recommended pet food.

See if you can commit to one of the below pet-healthy New Year resolutions - or if you’re an overachiever like me, try them all!

Resolution 1: Upgrade your pet’s diet.

It’s tough to choose the right food for your dog or cat. There’s so many options, and there’s no perfect food that works for every pet. But that’s the beauty of it!

You can find a 
weight management pet food that helps your dog or cat feel full on fewer calories, with plenty of high quality protein for lean gains.

Try a 
digestive support pet food with probiotics and prebiotic fiber for perfect poops and fewer toots.

Look for a food with Omega-3s to help protect their joints, their smarts, and their heart.

Not sure which one to choose? Browse the selection at or schedule a 
same-day VetLive virtual vet appointment for food advice from a pro.

Resolution 2: Obey the Scoop.

If you’re still giving your pup a “handful or two” every time you fill their bowl, it’s time to step up your game.

Find out exactly how much food your pet should be getting at each meal. You can check the packaging for suggested serving sizes, or just ask your vet. Then, get a Scoop that measures out the perfect serving.

Then, use The Scoop to measure your pet’s food every. single. time.

No more eyeballing it. No more throwing in an extra handful because we look “sad.” (Oldest trick in the book!)

Using a measuring cup is not only for keeping your pet at a healthy weight, but also making sure they get a complete and balanced portion at every mealtime. Obey The Scoop!

Resolution 3: Bring on the Toppers

Yes, your pet’s food should be complete and balanced, every single day.

No, it doesn’t have to be boring!

Keep your pet’s taste buds on their toes and boost their diet with 
healthy treats and pet food toppers
. With delicious mix-ins like bone broth, freeze-dried toppers, wet food, purees, and more, you can make sure your pet enjoys the goodness of every last bite.

That’s all for now, furriends. Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!
Wags and kisses,


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Nutrient-rich vegetables like whole carrots, sweet potato and peas in every bite.

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Dunking on Bagel

Hi Furriends, Bagel here with this month’s PUPdate.

As Chief BARKeting Officer, I’m usually proud to say that my hooman underlings are pretty good about following through with my executive decisions.

But this morning was different.

Today, I decided that as head of my depawtment, I didn’t need anyone else’s input when it came to getting rid of a rather distracting, objectively useless fixture in the office.

All was well until my employees started making a fuss in the break room. Instead of going about our usual morning duties, we had an emergency meeting.

“You can’t just THROW AWAY the espresso machine!!”

I really don’t see why this is such a big deal.

I thought we could enjoy the peace and quiet without the undulating grunts and growls of my stainless-steel-cloaked nemesis dribbling and spurting mugfuls of acrid, bitter-smelling mud water all day long.

Instead, I’m being yapped at by grumpy hoomans who can’t function without their bean juice.

“That’s it! I’m going down the block for a latte!” huffed my assistant, who took off without even asking if I wanted an egg sandwich.

One employee has refused to come inside, gazing longingly into the dumpster at their fallen hero.

Another has been staring unblinkingly at their computer screen for over fifteen minutes. I don’t think they’ve noticed that their monitor is not plugged in.

...It’ll be a few days until the replacement coffee machine is delivered.

Until then, I’ve suggested the rest of the team try starting their mornings with a nice mug of bone broth. I’m not amused by what they told me to do with it.

Hope they can forgive me by my next PUPdate!
Til then,

Wags and kisses,


OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

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Bagel's Food For Thought

Hi furriends, Bagel here, Chief BARKeting Officer at PetMeds®.

I’m sorry to say that last night, I suffered a minor inconvenience.

My pawrents ran out of food, so I had to wait nearly an hour for my dinner while they went to the store.


When they came back, they said that my favorite flavor was out of stock and they had to pick up my second favorite flavor instead.

So, dinner was not only 57 minutes late, but it was also slightly less delicious than it should have been.

On my way to work this morning, I decided to ensure that no pet would ever again suffer such grave misfortune.

While making my rounds through the warehouse, I trauma-dumped on my loyal human employees. We brainstormed the perfect solution to empty pantries and late din-dins.

This is where AutoShip comes in. When your pet pawrent signs up for AutoShip on, your food automatically gets delivered before it runs out.

Plus, your pawrent saves on every order, that way they can spring for some of our premium dog treats. It’s so easy a human can do it: shop, click AutoShip, add to cart.

That’s all for now, furriends. Back to saving the world one order at a time.

Wags and kisses,


NexGard® (afoxolaner) Chewables

With one little NexGard® (afoxolaner) chew comes the confidence that you’re giving your dog the #1 vet-recommended flea and tick control.

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Bagel Gets The Sauce

Hi furriends, Bagel here, Chief BARKeting Officer at PetMeds®.

A new month is upon us, and that means, yet again, your pet pawrent is going to squeeze some of that special sauce between your shoulder blades.

And then, they’ll give you a suspiciously tasty treat and stare at you while you eat it.

Like you, I had no idea what these shenanigans were all about. I thought it was yet another one of their adorable human habits, like sharing memes and recycling.

When I met with the PetMeds® Pharmacy team, my first questions were about these monthly rituals.

As it turns out, those are spot-on flea and tick preventatives and heartworm chewables. They keep dogs and cats safe from parasites that transmit disease. Who knew?

All it takes is one mosquito bite to transmit heartworm disease. And just one flea can lay dozens of eggs a day all over your pawrent’s house. With pest prevention, those creepy crawlies don’t stand a chance.

So, next time your pet parent gives you one of those beefy morsels of heartworm protection, make sure to say thank you.

And next time your pawrent drizzles that magical flea-and-tick sauce on the back of your neck, make sure to give them a big sloppy kiss.

If your pawrent is easily distracted by weird human things like tax season and wearing shoes, make sure they sign up for Autoship at checkout when shopping for 
flea and tick control and heartworm prevention on That way, you’ll stay protected from pests year-round.

That’s all for now, furriends. ‘Til next time!

Wags and Kisses


Hill's Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Dry Dog Food

The protein and great taste of real chicken, with the fiber and energy of barley, all in a kibble size specifically designed for your small-breed dog.

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Bagel, Save Our Skin!

Hi furriends, Bagel here, Chief BARKeting Officer at PetMeds®.

Today, I’m taking calls from pets like you in the PetMeds customer service center.

A lot of our four-legged customers are calling in about the same thing. With warm weather comes fleas and seasonal allergies, leaving many of you with itchy, irritated skin.

If your pawrents keep you up at night, saying things like “Eww, stop chewing your tail!” and “Gross, I can hear you licking your paws!” …it’s time to take your skin and coat health seriously.

A lot of us struggle with allergy-related dermatitis, which can be triggered by flea bites, food sensitivities, or environmental allergies.

Make sure your pawrents have you covered. They should give you
flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives year-round.

And if you could be struggling with food sensitivities, they should
talk to a veterinarian about switching to sensitive skin and allergy care pet food.

Environmental allergies are brutal this time of year. Who can resist frolicking through fields of ragweeds and rolling around in pollen?

If your pawrents and veterinarian think outdoor allergens could be a trigger, they can look into
allergy relief supplements, medications, and topical products from PetMeds to kick the itch.

This season, don’t be afraid to get out and play. When itchy skin strikes, PetMeds® has your back.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with my next PUPdate!

Wags and Kisses

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This chewable formula provides seasonal allergy support, along with support for normal immune function, skin health, and gut flora.

Zesty Paws Allergy & Immune 
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Bagel's Favorite Product of the Month